Monday, December 29, 2008

More Pictures

So my camera has emotional issues and only works half the time. Lanae posted so many great photos on her blog, so I stole some of hers :)

Here Lanae, Amy, and I are at the Joseph Smith Memorial

That night we had a Christmas Eve dinner with Jared's parents, and Kent's Uncle Wayne and Aunt Laurie and their kids Sommer, Amber, and Tiffany and her family.

Here are some more great pictures from our Tubing trip at Soldier's Hollow. Doesn't Austin look like a Marshmallow?

Then we went to Don Pedro's for dinner. It was probably the best Mexican Food I have ever had. Kent and I were advised to split a plate and I'm so glad we did. The Chalupa was as big as my head!

And here's Jordan with his Jersey at Dinner. He was too funny. He got that Cowboy's jersey for Christmas, so that he could switch out with his BYU jersey. That just didn't work though...he would wear the BYU jersey underneath too! It was especially cute when it was time for bed and he wore his PJs OVER the 2 jerseys! Haha!

Thanks Lanae for "sharing" ;)

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