Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Rought Week with a Happy Ending

Phew- we survived! Kent and I decided that this past week was probably the most challenging that we have had to work through since we've been married. 

One of the houses in Houston was basically destroyed by our Tenants. AFTER evicting them, we learned that they were housing 23 people in that house! You would think 23 people could pull together enough money to pay their rent...but I guess they were too busy destroying the house. So, we finally get everything back to "normal," put the house on the market, find a renter within 24 hours, and schedule the carpet installation. Well, the carpet was supposed to be in on Thursday. Come Friday no carpet and no word from the carpet guy. SO, we scramble to get carpet installed Easter weekend, which was a feat in itself down in the Bible Belt.

Yeah! Everything came together- NOT! Tuesday comes, the Toilet is flushed and RAW SEWAGE comes back up the pipes, out of the A/C (go figure?), down the walls, and onto the BRAND NEW CARPET! Seriously. I believe it was at that point the new Tenant decided he did not want to live there. At this point we've already shoveled about $6K into getting the place liveable, so what was another $2K to have new sewage piping installed, not to mention the cost of fixing everything inside of the house?

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention April 15th was Tax Day! Kent and I turned in all of our Tax stuff over a month ago. On the Friday before Easter we still hadn't gotten them back from our CPA. At that point he still did not know when they would be done and simply asked, "well, how much do you think you owe?" This was really not funny hearing it again the morning of the 15th! We picked up the not-even-started taxes from him, found a new CPA and learned that we owed $6K this year! OUCH!!!! 

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SPENDING MONEY- this was really not a fun week though.

By Friday, we were emotionally done. So Saturday, we played hard. We went and registered for baby stuff in the morning, went to our neighborhood block party in the afternoon, then went swimming and checked out some dream homes. It was the PERFECT day! 

This morning we had Stake Conference, so I didn't have to do the church bulletin and Kent didn't have to teach Sunday School- making for a quite relaxing day. Kent's sister, Amy, came over for some dinner tonight which topped off the best weekend ever. 

Kent and I really enjoyed Conference. The underlying theme that we pulled was "Parenting and Protecting your Family." We got kinda psyched cause we're about to be parents! Stake Conference is probably my most favorite day of church and this time was especially great.

This week I have another doctor appointment and will be scheduling our Ultrasound. We are so excited to find out what we are having. We've gone back-and-forth with what we think we are having. I'm settled on a Boy and Kent is settled on a Girl. We shall see I guess. 

Hopefully everyone got a good laugh outta our crazy week (we found that's all we could do at the end of it), and HOPEFULLY this coming week will be a little more chill :)


Tonia said...

Poor kids! I think you won the award for worst weekend. You guys have a great marriage though when you can get through it and laugh about it later!

CeeJ said...

Kent thinks it's a girl, and you think it's a boy? Isn't that backwards? Aren't you supposed to want a little baby girl, and the husband want a little baby boy? ;)

Well, I'll give you this hint... one of you is correct. ;) haha..

take care! Glad your crazy week is over!! :)