Monday, April 27, 2009

Just for kicks and giggles

Well this past week went so much better than the previous one.

Tuesday was amazing! My stomach was "bubbling" as it usually does however this time it moved. I quickly realized that there is now a person inside of me and trying to find a way out! I thought feeling that baby kick would drive me nuts, but it is so much fun. I am constantly playing with my stomach all day. I'm expecting to see divets in its little head from where I poke back.

I've also started finding myself wandering aimlessly around our house just waiting. I have lost any ability to focus and am finding the gestation period to be a very cruel joke. Do we really have to wait 9 months? Ugh!

This coming Friday I will reach 20 weeks and be 1/2 way there- phew! Next Tuesday we will hopefully be able to find out what we are having. Any guesses? I found myself all alone in thinking it's going to be a boy (my own mother abandoned me for Kent's side), however Kent's mom joined the team yesterday. 8 more days till the truth is revealed!


Natalie (and Chad) said...

Chad is calling a boy. He's been right so far (Sakura, as well as Lanae's 3 boys). I usually pick the opposite of Chad, just because. :)

Jacob and DeaAnna said...

that is so fun!! Can't wait to find out