Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend camping trip

This past Thursday Kent and I headed up to the White Mountains for a break, and boy did we need one!

The trip up was long, tiring, stressful, scary, etc. I had big plans to be spontaneous and NOT have a campsite picked out. This always works for Kent, but I learned that I need to stick with my roots and have a plan. We saw a sign with a Tent on it and turned down the long winding road just before it was we left 3 hours later than planned :) Just as we were about to give up, we saw another little sign pointing to campgrounds 4 miles away. Phew! We could handle another 4 miles right? My poor Toyota! This was the WORST road I have ever driven on! The worst part was crossing 2 pretty sketchy bridges over some white waters. I was watching the odometer and decided that I wouldn't burst into tears until mile 247.3, which was exactly 4 miles from the sign. As soon as I saw the .3, I let it out. Just as I'm pulling over Kent says, "Hey! I bet this spot will work." I panicked because we were on the Indian Reservation, didn't have a permit, and it didn't exactly look "designated." I shined the lights on it and there was a fire pit, so I let Kent talk me into it.

It turned out to be the most perfect site! We had the river running right alongside us. We saw maybe 5 cars in the whole 3 days and were completely secluded. In the morning we went for a little stroll and found that as the road continued on it didn't look so bad, and found a plethora of campsites in case we needed to leave our site. We had basically taken the "back road" in and had gone completely out of the way. Like I said, I will NEVER not have a plan again!

We also got to see some wildlife out there. The cows were definitely our favorite.

We headed home on Saturday afternoon, only to watch the car's thermometer hedge its way up to 107! Ugh! It's going to be a long summer.

On Sunday I got to have my 1st mother's day. Kent made a wonderful non-typical-hockey-puck-like French Toast breakfast which was just perfect. At church I got a plethora of chocolate and then my sister-in-law brought me flowers! She and Kent made me dinner too. Fettuccine, salad, and bread. Seeing as that I didn't make it to the store it was REALLY nice to not panic about what was for dinner :)

I cannot wait until next year when I have my little baby with me too. That reminds me...WE'RE HAVING A GIRL!!! Yeah!


Tonia said...

Girls are awesome, and the camping trip sounds like every one of ours we have ever been on. We will have to swap stories sometime!

Jeff and Anna too! said...

Congrats on the baby!!! That trip sounded fun-are ya'll in Arizona? I had no idea Elk ventured that way. Sounded beautiful! (this is Ben Davis' little sister!)