Monday, May 18, 2009

This weekend Kent and I spent our 1st night apart from each other!

On Friday I headed to Tucson for one of my best friends Lauree's graduation from the UofA, my mom's birthday, and my baby shower. I missed the graduation, but enjoyed the dinner her family had that evening. I always love getting together with my Jobie family.

It was also my mom's birthday, so that night Shawn, Chad, and Chloe came over. We visited and watched videos of my brother's Ranger Competition. I don't know who had it brother who actually did the obstacles, or my parents running alongside him for 3 days. We had some good laughs!

Then on Saturday, my friends Lauree, Erin, and Emily through me a baby shower. It was so perfect! It was so good to see everyone and visit for the morning. We were supposed to have it in the courtyard of Lauree's church (my bridal shower was there and it was just beautiful), but a funeral was going on, so we were down in the basement. I am actually glad we were down there because it was SO HOT and the A/C was so nice.

That night I came home and laid everything out. I cannot believe how much stuff we got! It's only May and we're almost set with everything we need. Now it's just a waiting game. We are going to wait until after the baby is born to convert the guest room into the nursery, however it is packed full of baby stuff now, so I'm not sure how that's going to work!

We have an appointment with Dr. Eddy this week which will hopefully go just fine like all the others.

Kent and I are just so excited to have this little baby. It's going to be a LONG summer of waiting, which neither of us are good at :(

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Lanae said...

I'm so excited for this new little girl, too! I found a cute dress for her (girls have some of the cutest clothes!); so I'll be sending that to you soon.
Hope you're feeling well and we'll talk soon.
Love you guys!