Monday, May 11, 2009

Best Ranger Competition

My "little" brother Eddie is a Ranger in the U.S. Army. This past weekend, he participated in the Best Ranger Competition. He has been training since the winter for this and we were all psyched for him!

My parents went out to Georgia to root him on along with his partner, Spc. Mike Pierce. 49 teams started the competition on Friday morning and competed continuously for 60 hours straight! In the end, their team took 14th place!

During the day they competed in a variety of obstacle courses, shoot outs, jumps, etc.; and at night they participated in a variety of marches and treks.

I talked to my mom a few times over the weekend and she stated, "We're dirty, sweaty, and exhausted, and we're not even the ones competing!" Eddie also called me last night when it was all said and done and he was pretty wiped out.

We are all so proud of him!! Go Sgt. Edward F. Killmeier!

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Jacob and DeaAnna said...

congrats to him!! Yeah a girl!!They are so much fun!