Sunday, June 20, 2010

For All Time and Eternity

Well the big day finally came- Amy and Greg's wedding! We cannot believe Kent's little sister is now a Mrs. She is with such a wonderful guy and his family is just as great. They are so lucky to be with each other. Greg uses the word, "special" to describe her and she truly is.

The celebration began with Amy going to the Temple on Thursday. We were so happy to share that experience with her. Mom Burton was able to come a day early and share in Amy's day too, which made it even more special.

Friday was a bit more crazy. Greg's family was hosting a big dinner and EVERYONE came to town. The church building had been booked for the weekend a few months ago. When Greg's family got to the church they found the Cultural Hall closed with a padlock and a sign that the floors had been resurfaced and there is NO ADMITTANCE until Saturday. What?! The plan was to decorate after the dinner, so there was quite a bit of panic. All is well that ends well though, right? A lot of people helped out in the wee hours of Saturday morning and the reception turned out fabulous!

Another change of plans was when Kent's dad and his crew decided to stay at Hotel de la Kent and Carly Burton. We have learned that 10 people can fit quite comfortably in our home AND make it on time for pictures at the temple at 8:30 in the morning :)

After the sealing (which was beautiful by the way. I cried. I didn't even cry when Kent and I were sealed and made fun of HIM for shedding a few tears), EVERYONE came back to our place for lunch. We watched movies and visited, and made black bean salsa x 10 for the reception.

That night we were pooped! We ended up not having any company that night and really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

On top of all the wedding fun, Kent's brother Chad, mom, and sister Lanae stayed a few extra days. We lounged around by the pool, roasted marshmallows, celebrated Kent's mom's birthday, and had a great time visiting. Mrs. Amy Spencer even spent her last day off from work with us :)

I'm kinda sad that whole thing is over. We all talked about making this reunion a yearly thing, so hopefully I'll have another adventure to write about next year. Chad graduates from Residency, so we'll have

plenty to celebrate!


Natalie (and Chad) said...

We absolutely loved being with you guys! You guys have such a special little family. It feels good just to be around you all. Thanks for posting some great pics too. Love you guys :)

Brenda Johnson said...

Thanks for posting all of those pictures! It is so great to see some updates of your little girl. She is so adorable!