Monday, July 5, 2010

She's All Mine!

July 2010...I never thought this month would come.

5 years ago around this time I was living out of my mom's van. While I was tempted to go park at Tempe Town Lake (in a van down by the river...hahaha), I never reached that low with many thanks to McKenzie, Jeanette, "he who shall be called 'nameless,' " and the LDS Institute parking lot.

While living the hermit crab lifestyle was good fun in a weird way, that could have truly only been enjoyed during that year of my life, it was coming to an end. I was getting a NEW car.

I only wanted something simple. I was thinking perhaps a used, 2000 Nissan Sentra.
BUT the boys said, "Oh no! Bad car."
Gib said, "Oh no! Used car."
My mom said, "Ok. Pick a car." So I did. I knew what I wanted. She was Silver and cute, and had fun lights, and called me! My mom chimed in and said "No. Pick another car."

Well, if I couldn't have what I wanted, I let the boys pick.

A Toyota Corolla!

So, I picked the color and the model and the features (I had my fill of boy problems, so my car also needed to be a girl) and I waited.

Then one day I got the call...she was ready! . I went to Tucson and picked her up! She was perfect :)

My life then changed...I found a permanent place to rest my head, I flushed the boy toilet, and had 38 mpg!

Now, she is 100% mine! No more car payments :) I love you Starla!

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