Monday, May 31, 2010

All In A Week

So just how much damage can 1 husband do in a week?

Saturday, May 22nd.

Kent decides that he is going to "improve" our yard/home in at least one way each week.

Chandler is known for their Tumbleweeds and now I know why. Tumbleweed fighting is a yearly sport in our household. When they are tiny, it is easy to pull them up and you don't get too many thorns in your hand...but who thinks about the tumbleweeds when they are an inch or two tall?

We have this torch (don't ask why, just accept the fact that we have one) and Kent likes to use it to burn up the tumbleweeds, when they are just too big to pull up. It makes me nervous because sometimes I think the flames are just a little too big for our yard, but I've learned to stay inside and away from it all so that I can trust him (or stay oblivious to the whole thing).

Last Saturday I was cleaning up breakfast and I see Kent frantically running back in forth in the yard and my lawn on fire! So long to the grass and our tangelo and grapefruit trees :(

Ok Carly, just trust your husband- he made a mistake and nobody got hurt.

This is not an actual picture of Kent or our yard...I just wanted you to get a visual of the scenario :)

Fast forward 7 days later and Kent is once again torching some little weeds in the front yard. Next thing I hear is, "Carly! I need a bucket!!!" I run outside, grab the hose for Kent, and find that my Rosemary bush (I hate those bushes anyway) completely engulfed in flames. At this point Kent has attracted a small audience of neighbors due to the smoke and I tell him he is grounded from the torch.

But wait! There's more!

Ok, so this one doesn't deal with any actual flames aside from the ones I was shooting from my eyeballs.

We wanted to get some new office chairs. Just 2. So, we went to an auction in Mesa where a huge office supply warehouse was bankrupt. It was alotta fun watching everything and hearing the auctioneer rattle off prices.

It was a little warm and dusty so Braelynn and I found a comfy place to sit. Kent comes running up to me and announces that he bought something. Great! 2 office chairs? No. AN ENTIRE AISLE OF METAL CABINETS (38 TO BE EXACT at 150 pounds each), 167 CUBICLE PANELS, A LARGE BUCKET, AND 6 FILING CABINETS. I never should have let him out of my supervision.

Friday we went back to the warehouse to see just how much trouble we found ourselves in and fortunately for Kent we were able to sell off our lot to someone a little more prepared for these types of purchases.

So that my friends was our week!

Hopefully this week will be a little better...we are closing on a new business that we are really excited about and we will be going camping with my family. Kent, leave the torch at home please.


Natalie (and Chad) said...

Seriously, what kind of trouble would our guys get into without their wives around? ;) Chad and I got a great laugh about it all. And yeah, we have a torch in our house too - but it's safely hidden from my pyromaniac for now!

Lanae said...

Ha! So funny! Kent and Chad were always into stuff like that as kids (Chad used to light wasps on fire or pull their wings off and take a magnifying glass to them and watch them roast). I guess some things never change, right?
Can't wait to see you guys next week!!!