Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

Growing up I always through fits on Mother's day because it was a day not all about me. However, things have changed :) The day is now all about me and I love it. :) What? I'm just being honest!

Saturday Kent started getting into the motion of Mother's Day by cleaning the fridge. It wasn't that bad, but it had been quite a few months since it had a good scrub.

Then that night Kent took me out for Spaghetti Eis. Spaghetti Eis? Yes! It is the most amazing, delicious dessert ever created. I ate it just about everyday while I was in Germany. This is what I was expecting:


and this is what I got :(

Not only is it not nearly as pretty, the ice cream was absolutely disgusting.

We pretended to enjoy it though!

Then Mother's day morning I woke up to Breakfast in Bed with Daddy and Braelynn. Kent made me an omelet, bacon, OJ, and served it with a rose from our backyard.

I love being a mom (not just because of Mother's Day) and this weekend was such a special treat for me.

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