Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Just as I was getting comfy in my uneventful life, we threw an unexpected road trip into the middle of it.

Kent's Grandma Burton had been battling a pretty fierce cancer and passed away on Mother's day morning. We kicked around the idea of Kent flying to Idaho for the funeral, but decided it would be more "fun" for us both to drive up and make a trip out of it.

We took a more scenic route up to Kanab, UT and spent the night in this cute little cabin. While I love driving through podunk towns, spending the night in one is a very different story! It was really nice to take a break from the road though.

The next morning we headed up to Draper to stay with Kent's sister Lanae. I am SO GLAD we decided to NOT camp on this trip, because we were greeted in Beaver with a Blizzard. Yes, I know it is the middle of May. 33 degrees and snowing and ice on the roads folks! I am not even exaggerating about the blizzard- it was so crazy!

Once we got up to Draper the weather was beautiful though- in the 50s with plenty of sun. We played with her boys, Chad, and the cat (no Braelynn- you cannot have a cat. Never.).

The funeral was at 9 am the next day in Blackfoot, ID. We planned to head out at 6 am. As we awoke in the morning we were greeted by some of their family friends and Chad (thank goodness he was on EST!) who had made everyone pancakes, eggs, fruit, yogurt, cereal, juice and plenty of food to keep us full. It was such a nice treat!

The drive to Idaho was pretty uneventful (well, maybe not for the Larsons- glad you guys were able to find your way!). I was excited as I had never been to Idaho, but quickly saw that it is a whole bunch of nothing! I won't even describe Blackfoot...mostly because there isn't much there to say about it ;)

The funeral was very nice. All of her 7 kids were there and a lot of Kent's cousins were able to make it too. It was nice to meet so much of his family that I had never seen. Some he hadn't even seen in 20+ years!

Then, the majority of the family headed to Star Valley, WY for the burial. We opted out because we weren't sure how Braelynn would handle even more time on the road before heading back to Arizona.

I am so glad we did because when Chad got back at 10:30 that night, he said the weather was pretty bad (more snow!) and it was a lot further than everyone had planned for.

The next morning we packed up and headed home. Braelynn is really such a pro at this whole traveling thing. I love that we can just take her anywhere...even on a 2000 mile roadtrip!

Our travels weren't done though and we headed to Tucson the next morning for my mom's birthday. We went to Mama's pizza with everyone and had so much fun visiting.

Finally on the way home the miles and the "road food" started getting to me. I'll spare you the details...let's just say it's nice to be stationary for a little while :)

I wish I coulda gotten more photos on this trip...I'm awaiting to stalk Lanae's blog for her photos :)

In the meantime here is a little video of Braelynn playing at Aunt Lanae's (she had so much fun on this thing we bought her one on the way home!)- sorry it's sideways.

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Brad, Debbie, and K squared said...

I wish you could have come just a little bit farther to Rexburg! :)